Astral Projection

I often find myself traveling in my sleep at night.  Sometimes I meet people in really strange places and sometimes my experience can be scary.  A few weeks ago, I was asleep but yet I was conscious and I could feel myself being pulled out of my body.  I never felt this before and it was frightening because I didn’t know what was going on at the time.  I would try to fight it by pulling my spirit back into my body but it was no easy task.

I felt like I was trapped and couldn’t get back into my body.  I heard myself calling out for someone to help but I weren’t sure if I was calling out loud or in the dream state that I was in.  Nevertheless, no one came and so I kept telling my mind too relax, that panicking wasn’t going to get me anywhere.  Finally, I woke up scared as hell and so I went back to sleep and it started happening again.

That was the only time I experienced something like that during astral projection and since then, it has gotten better.  Next time, I will remain calm and go with the flow instead of fighting it.

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Satanic Magick

Magick can fall into two categories: ritual/ceremonial and non-ritual/manipulative.   Ritual magick consists of the performance of a formal ceremony which can take place within the confines of an area for a specific purpose for a specific time.  This is  purely emotional, rather than an intellectual act.  Any and all intellectual activity must take place before the ceremony, not during it.  This type of magick is what we call “Greater Magick.”

Non-ritual or manipulative magick is called “Lesser Magick,” and this is obtained through various devices and continued situations.  It can create change in accordance with one’s will.

Everything you do will increase or decrease your personal power.  If you lead the path of reason, you may be able to use words to change ideas and your actions, if chosen wisely, will move in accordance with your will.  Your thoughts will form the very world in and outside of  itself.

To make magick work, you should believe in the powers that you’re calling upon. Whatever force, spirit, or demon you call upon you should never show fear or disrespect in any way.


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The Supper of Judas

Prepare some meat for you and your guests (if you have any) preferably medium rare or rare with red wine and a loaf of bread symbolic of Christ’s betrayal.

The Invocation

I am Judas, the betrayer of Christ.  It is I who sent the bastard to his death.  I am the unholiest of the unholy.  I tore his heart out with a kiss.

As they whipped his body and placed the crown of thorns upon his head, I stood by and laughed.  While the bastard hung on the cross crying, “Eli, Eli, lama Sabachthani?”  (My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?) My heart overflowed with joy, and the life in his body began to fade.

Let us pray:  (Said together)

Our Father thou art in Hell, Hallowed by thy name.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done in Hell as on earth.  Give us this day our daily knowledge and forgive us not for we have done no wrong.  Lead us into temptation and deliver us from the hands of those who would cause us harm.

The Flesh:

Behold, the flesh is nourishment and so let’s eat this flesh in remembrance of the falling of Christ.  Let us praise the Powers of Darkness for the Satanic icons of today.

The Blood:

Let us drink in the honor of Lord Satan whose spirit entered the body of Judas.  Let us drink in the honor of Judas Iscariot who caused the death of Christ.

The Life:

The Bread represents the life of Christ whose fate was already sealed, so let us devour his existence.


*Drink from the chalice.  Then you may now eat, drink, and be merry.

*After “The Supper of Judas,” play your favorite music and dance.  (Mine happens to be Lady Gaga and so I will play the song “Teeth” from The Fame Monster album, and I will dance and rejoice my very existence.)


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A Special Little Boy

When my son William turned eight, I soon noticed he was developing special abilities as well.  One day we were sitting on the couch and I don’t know how he knew, but he looked at me and said,  “Mommy, the mailman came.”  I looked out the window and sure enough the mailman was just leaving the driveway.  I was totally amazed because there was no way he could have known that.  Of course, this wasn’t the first time he showed off his abilities.  When I’m cooking supper, we’ll be sitting on the couch together and a while later he’ll look at me and say, “Mommy, supper is done.”  I’ll shake my head and walk out into the kitchen only to find that he was right.

He’s an amazing little boy and he’s special just like me.  A Satanic Witch for sure.  And I can’t wait to see what else this little boy is capable of doing.   I know as he gets older, he’ll be able to develop these abilities and make them stronger.   It makes me happy that he’s been chosen by whatever forces that are out there to carry on with these powers.

When the kids at school pick on him I totally freak out and I get on the phone saying, “Hey, my son is being bullied and I want it to stop right now!”  I don’t put up with that shit cause I know from experience how cruel other kids can be, and now I’m teaching him to stand up to these bullies.   Sometimes I get a complaint from a teacher that he’s fighting back with the other children and I tell them that I’m fine with that because he’s only defending himself and that is what I want him and any of my children to do.  I’m not going to be around forever, unfortunately, so somebody has to show them what to do when mommy isn’t around.  No kid should be picked on or bullied because they’re different and I’ll be damned if my children are going to be picked on because they have special abilities.

For too long, this country has lived by the bible’s “Turn the other cheek,” bullshit and I’ll be damned if I’m going to teach my children to do the same.

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Using The Mind To Make Magick

Eight years ago, I almost died giving birth to my third child because I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension at seven months.  When my doctor told me death was significant I looked at him and said that I was going to be fine.  It made me angry that no one believed me and the nurses and the doctors kept telling me I might die because my heart probably wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of childbirth, but, still, I knew that no one’s faith was more important than mine, and so I used my will and the all the strength I could find to prepare for that day.

Staying two and a half months in the hospital was no easy task but I kept my mind busy by writing, drawing, painting, listening to music, sleeping, and meditating. All of these things combined was my therapy, a way to deal with my boredom, my worries, and being away from my family. I knew the people who loved me were counting on my survival and I can not express enough what I felt knowing my mother was living those two and half months in constant worry.  She was giving up slowly every day because people who didn’t have faith in me would tell her that I was going to die.  Knowing this made me very angry and the more angrier I got, the stronger I became.

July 14th of 2002, I gave birth to a beautiful five pound baby boy and I made it through without incident.  What helped was having experience with childbirth from my previous two children, having control, the will to live, and anger.  Surviving was my revenge and I wanted it more than anything.  When my doctor and everyone else asked how I did it, I told them it was magick.

I have always known that I had a powerful mind and a very strong will and that is what makes me special.  Just knowing that I can do anything I put my mind to is a gift that I can’t throw away.   The magick we create is created within our minds.  It isn’t something that is handed to us from the gods or Satan himself.  When we know how to make this magick good things can and will happen and the impossible is only an arm’s length away.

Some people can tap into certain places in the brain that are unreachable to others.  Why this is it’s hard to say but for these people paranormal phenomena and the occult are easy  to understand because they know there is something special about them but aren’t sure what and so they are able to keep an open mind.

The things hidden inside our minds is what makes this knowledge pleasurable and refreshing beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.  All we can do is embrace it.

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My Experience With The Paranormal

Growing up, strange things would occur quite often.  There would be times when I would see a black shape flying across the room and often times I would experience feelings and premonitions that something was about to happen.

One of these experiences occurred when I was thirteen, fourteen years old and I was in the bathroom with the door open looking at my reflection in the mirror.  Suddenly, I saw this black shape fly past the door and I looked back to see what it was but I didn’t see anything. That was until I looked back at my reflection and I saw a face of a ghost who appeared to have been my age if not a couple years older and he was as white as a sheet of paper, his eyes were black, his hair was also black but was short, and he just looked at me, smiling. In the next instant, it was gone.  Who this could have been was beyond me. Was he someone I knew?  Did he know me?  I didn’t know because I hadn’t received any news that day that anyone I knew had died.

Was I afraid of this ghost?  No, I wasn’t. I didn’t see any reason to be afraid.  But I soon found out that my oldest sister also had the ability to see these black shapes that appeared out of nowhere. It was after my father passed away, when she saw a black shape fly out from under her sons bed.  She believed my father, who loved his grandson very much, was there to say goodbye.  Although my mother thought she was on drugs, I knew from my experience that she was telling the truth.

Not only could I see these spirits or apparitions, I often got premonitions that something was about to happen.   I remember when I was riding in a car with my mother and we had stopped at a stop sign getting ready to turn left.  We couldn’t see if there were any cars coming because there was a truck next to us that was getting ready to turn right.  My mom was about to dash out into the road when I suddenly heard this voice in my head telling me no a car was coming.  So I yelled, “Don’t go! There’s a car coming!” and, sure enough, right at that moment a car sped by.  If my mom had pulled out in front of the oncoming car we would have been seriously hurt… or dead. I was never so afraid in all my life, and to this day, I remember the feeling that came over me.  Every hair on my body stood on end and there was a cold chill wrapping itself around me.  As soon as the danger was gone, I felt like myself again.

Years later, my mom remarried and I was having problems with my step dad who was very abusive towards me.  Although he didn’t hit me, I wasn’t allowed to eat at the table with them and I weren’t allowed to eat any of the food.  I did sneak out to the fridge and got something to eat when he was in bed and my mom would sneak something in to me. But I remember one night while I was sleeping I woke up sensing something or someone watching me.  It was a full moon, the light was shining in through my window and I looked up and saw a tall figure that had the head of a goat and a body of a man and it was grey in color with muscular features and it was standing at the foot of my bed watching over me. Ever since that night, I knew I was a child of darkness.

Even while I’m sleeping at night, I often have access to the spirit world where I often see my mother, my sister, and a few other loved ones who passed away so many years ago. My sister, who committed suicide in June of 2008 came to me in my dreams and told me she was my guardian.  My mother, who passed away in November of 2005 came to my new apartment cause she was looking for me and she told me she didn’t remember dying.  To her, it was like closing her eyes to sleep.  Then there was another time when I was in the hospital and I had a dream about my mom’s ex-boyfriend and I saw his obituary with a picture of him.  When I woke up the next morning, I knew within a year’s time he was going to die.  Sure enough, a year later, I was looking through the obituaries and I saw his obituary and that very same picture.  Of course, I could tell you more, but I would have to write a book just to tell them all.  But the point is this:

I’m not afraid of these abilities because I know they’re a part of who I am.  I have a gift that is unique and one to cherish as well.  And for those people out there who experience the same things, you’re not alone.  Not many people have these abilities but there are a certain percentage of people somewhere within the 5% range who can.  Whether or not, you want to use them; or want to admit that you have them, is entirely up to you. But I noticed the one thing that really gets my mind working is meditation and I think that’s because I’m opening my mind to new things and new ideas.  When I meditate,  my abilities just seem to manifest before I even know they’re happening.  That is why I love the mind and everything about it.  It’s amazing.

When people say things like the occult or the paranormal isn’t real, it’s only because they don’t want to admit it or they haven’t experienced it for themselves.  And maybe they aren’t one of those people who fall in the 5% percent range.  All I can say is, I know it’s real because I’ve experienced it for myself and I think it’s really cool.

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An Introduction

My name is Infinity and you probably know me from the other two blogs I have; Satanic Pride and Diary of a Satanist.  Well today, I would like to introduce you to a blog that is about Magick, the Occult, and Paranormal Phenomena.  If you don’t think it’s real, that is fine, but I can tell you from my experience that it is.

I love everything that has to do with the mind because the mind is the most beautiful thing there is once you know how to use it. With the mind, there is nothing you can’t do. You can create magick, make things happen, drive yourself to do things you never thought were possible because the Will within is what manifests us to become more than we are.

This blog is about my experiences with magick, the occult, and paranormal phenomena.  And as I bring this introduction to a close, always remember, the mind has no limits.

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